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About N'Kiela
N’kiela is the interface between risk-mitigation & management, the investor & the business itself.

Kiela–a game of peace–is a traditional board game and a game of strategy played by the Bantu Kimbundu people in northern Angola. The objective of the game is peaceful conflict resolution, whether these be social, economic, or inter-community based.

This is where our company name derives, with one little inclusion: the addition of the prefix “N” which finds its root in the Zulu language, and speaks to the sense of commitment by all shareholders.

N’kiela, therefore, seeks to resolve business and communities challenges through peaceful interaction. We achieve this through strategy and concise planning through our Consulting, Advisory and Project Management business, located in Germany and Angola. We research and unearth sustainable solutions to meet the socioeconomic needs of the SADC region, and within the various sectors that contribute primarily to a country’s GDP. Sustainability means taking a fresh approach to both the sustainability of the business concept, its survivability and upscalability, as well as economic and environmental impact. 

We challenge the status-quo, and our proven track record bears testament to this. Business is risky, but no more so in Africa than anywhere else in the world. The difference is that N’kiela is the interface between risk-mitigation and management, the investor and the business itself.


N’kiela is a German-Angolan initiative that aims to create the perfect foundation for German and Southern African business to foster economic cooperation, technical assistance and project management, exchange of know-how and community development. We provide consultative, advisory and informational services to support the implementation of the United Nations set 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) which are an urgent call to action by all countries engaged in or planning global partnerships.


Our company continually strives to be the ultimate contact point key and strategic partner to German and European markets as specialised advisers to government and enterprises for the implementation of economic development projects in Africa. N’kiela endeavours to ensure the success of stakeholders and partners as well as promoting the development of least-developed communities in the countries within which it operates.

CISCS Philosophy​

N’kiela Consulting is guided by our firm and unshakable belief in being held accountable – down to the finest and smallest detail. Such excellence is not only fuelled by our people, but also in our founding principle of CISCS.


Create active and mutually-beneficial relationships in the B2C and B2B business environments.


Honesty and uncompromising ethical principles.


Clients are always informed and completely involved in all decisions concerning their investment.


Our client’s interests are well-represented and held in the strictest confidence.


We are guided by international best practice and look to the UN’s SDGs as a point of reference to guide us towards creating sustainable and upscalable economic relationships.

The Team

Our team are individuals who embrace the concept of local relevance with a global eminence. A constant appraisal of our best practice policies, and keeping abreast of emerging trends and legislation is what gives us our decidedly keen edge in the marketplace. The dynamic team behind our company include:


Sandra was born and raised in Angola, and now based in Germany, she has garnered over twenty years’ experience in the Angolan, South African and German markets. Her experience has been obtained through various highlevel assignments initiated by the German Development Bank KfW/DEG, BMZ and Airbus. A passionate and knowledgeable individual, Sandra is extremely well-versed in business consulting and analysis, and plays a key advisory role in market analyses and project development within the European and Southern African countries. Her favourite quote? “Do the best you can until you know better. Then, when you know better, do better.” Maya Angelou

Social Impact Entrepreneur

A true world citizen, Josien Andringa a social impact entrepreneur who hails from Khartoum, Sudan. She is also a visionary who has revolutionized the HR space by introducing concepts that has marked the industry. She is passionate about people and creating the most conducive work environments within the corporate workplace. She specializes in analyzing human resource needs, and creating a pairing based on people skills and solutions to strengthen delivery, expertise and marked reductions in the lead times during business processes. She has lived in the Netherlands, Kenya and South Africa. Josien now resides in Terkaple, in the Netherlands.


Christine is based in Rotherbaum, Hamburg in Germany and is exceptionally well-versed in social orientation, culture, art, migration and housing. Christine is politically-oriented on safe-guarding environmental issues which matches her many philanthropic activities. Her drive and determination in addressing CSR issues gives her great satisfaction in seeing people live their best lives.


Based in Johannesburg, South Africa, Schröder has been admitted as an attorney in South Africa and a Rechtsanwalt in Germany. He is a director of the German-Southern African Chamber of Commerce and serves on other boards of companies. He is the attorney of trust of the Austrian Embassy in South Africa and provides legal advice to the German Embassy. Schröder has been actively serving European and African clients for over 30 years, and his wide knowledge of European and Southern African political and commercial environments positions him to render advice to businesses and government departments.


Based in Portugal, but he is also known as a child of Menongue as he is particularly fond of this south-eastern Angolan town. Merullen was mentored by the famous originator of microcredit, the Nobel Peace Prize winner, Dr. Muhammad Yunus, and under his tutelage Merullen graduated in Microfinance and Banking from the State University of Bergamo and Finance Risk Management at ATTF in Luxembourg. His experience within the industry, and as a specialist in the microfinance space makes him a highly-valued and sought-after expert in this field.

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